January 15 Still loafing in Lakehills TX

The weather is still not too good here but worse east of us. There is ice everywhere from Oklahoma to the Appalachians, irritating about 20 million. We are going to look for the internet today because there is certainly no wifi where we are staying.
While I type this, I can look out the windows of the Invader and see not less than one each of cardinals, cara-caras (a big eagle-looking raptor), meadowlarks, hawks, black-crested titmice, Egyptian geese, white egrets, blue herons, doves, coots, fat yellow-bellied squirrels and deer. Based on the nighttime ruckus coming from the marshlands between us and the lake, we suspect there may be a whole zoo of additional characters we have only heard so far. The amount of wildlife here is stunning.
Peggy spent a good part of the morning trying to get pictures off her computer and onto her phone by photographing the computer screen. Her efforts seem to work better when it is darker so she spent quite some time under a blanket with her phone and the computer.
Some pix can be seen by clicking here

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