January 14 Slugging it at Lake Medina

The weather is turning against us doing much exploring but we still got something done today. We did the laundry. Actually, Peggy did most of the thinking and work and I folded the rectangular stuff and packed bags of clothes from truck to laundry and back. I was also in charge of sticking the quarters in the slots and tricking the machines into performing their function. While we were waiting on the laundry, we took a short drive a little south along the edge of the lake to where we spotted big fires burning in the brush this morning. We found some smoky places where it appears there are land-clearing operations in progress. The folks here cut down the jungle of juniper and oak brush, stack the slash in big piles and light it off after adding an automobile tire for kindling. We didn’t see any controlled burns that became uncontrolled later. Charlotte and the Barbarian Invader have sprinklings of ash but I imagine the next flurry of rain will wash them off.
Wind and gobs of rain are passing through the area here but we are actually quite fortunate. Not too far east of us is the trailing edge of a massive ice storm that is inconveniencing folks from northern Texas to Pennsylvania and we are delighted to be away from it. There are dozens or maybe dozens of dozens of deer right here in the Thousand Trails Lake Medina campground. There is an abundance of bird species here and we are having a great time watching them. At night, we can go outside the Barbarian Invader and listen to countless creatures hobnobbing with each other. There are a lot of them because it sounds like a distant concert with a big audience. We are going to fire up the night scope one of these nights and see what’s out there.
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