January 16 Raining in Texas

The weather has been a bit uncooperative for a few days and we have been staying pretty close to the trailer. Last night there was a series of violent thunderstorms that blew through the area giving us hours of brilliant lightning and considerable cracking, rumbling and window-shaking of the associated thunder.
Today we went into Bandera to shop for groceries. It appears that vegetarians, gluten disdainers, diabetics, those with heart disease and vegans need not shop in Bandera’s Lowe’s Grocery unless intending to be disappointed. If we had driven 50 miles each way, we could have found a larger assortment or less expensive groceries but we were unwilling to go that far so we paid a bit more in Bandera. We are going to Austin next and figured we would drop in at Costco and Trader Joe’s when we get there. Our liquor supply is getting down to the size of a small pyramid and we will need some of that, too.

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