November 11 2016 Back at Pio Pico

We split from Wilderness Lakes (where there is no evidence of a lake or multiple lakes anywhere) and continued south on I-15 to Pio Pico, our local Thousand Trails campground in San Diego County. We arrived early but all the RV spots that have a sewer were taken so we pulled the Invader across the road to the north half of the campground where there are no sewer hookups. We got onto a list allowing us to move over to the south side Monday.
No sooner had we finished setting up the Barbarian Invader in the north half when I noticed something looked fishy with the right side wheels of the trailer. A bit of scrutiny revealed a broken leaf spring for the rear axle and we called some mobile mechanics to see about fixing the problem.
We called several mobile mechanic services to get ourselves on their schedule. Surprisingly, there is a mechanic who lives in Pio Pico and he stopped by our trailer within about 30 minutes. His name was Mike and he owns TNT Mobile RV Service. He jacked up the trailer with some industrial-looking gear and removed the broken spring from the suspension system. He indicated he may have trouble getting a replacement spring for a few days since RV supply stores are generally closed on Saturday but he took the broken unit with him for parts comparison purposes. It was amazing how quickly Mike was on the task.

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