November 12 2016 The fix is in

Mike the mechanic showed up pretty early today with a replacement leaf spring for our trailer. He had found an RV supply house that was open on Saturday and had our spring in stock. An hour later, our Barbarian Invader was fixed and ready for the road again. Anybody in San Diego looking for RV mobile repair services should get ahold of Mike at TNT Mobile Mechanic Service if they want good service at very reasonable rates. The number is (619) 840-4533.
We were delighted that our rig was back in traveling shape. The fact that the spring broke was a little unsettling but since it did not happen on the highway, we got away without a catastrophic failure of the trailer suspension. It must have been the terrible speed bumps in the park that broke the spring but since we were only going 5 mph, it turned out okay.

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