November 10 2016 Leaving Las Vegas

Last night we took a drive down the Strip at night. We figured we better at least take one pass down the main drag in this sparkly nightmare before departing. We took a few sort of blurry shots which you can see if you click here
Today,we gathered up our stuff and left Las Vegas today. Although we were amazed by the gorgeous scenery around Vegas, we are poor gamblers so I suppose from the local tourism authority standpoint, we are duds. We did find Mr. Mamas, a fabulous breakfast venue with terrific food. It is run by some folks originally from Greece and I can unequivocally state they are great cooks. Their chicken fried steak and gravy is right up there with Jake’s in Bend and Dean’s in Clackamas, Oregon. Peg had a Greek omelet and said it was very tasty.
We headed back south on I-15 past an enormous solar power facility in the desert which uses 3000 acres of mirrors focusing on three towers to generate steam to run turbines. Very shiny. For a couple pix click here
Continuing into California, we ended up at Wilderness Lakes, another TT facility that is located in Menifee, CA. Menifee is an unremarkable place with no interesting attractions although there are nearby Trader Joe’s and Costco stores. Other than those stores, I cannot explain why anyone would stop in Menifee other than breaking up the drive.

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