May 27 Still still here

We are all still here despite the coronavirus fun. We have been isolated in our house except for periodic trips to the grocery store, my visits to the hospital for immunotherapy and occasional forays out into the rural parts of San Diego County, just to see if they are still there.

I am the most boring of the family members, so I get to go first. I have had a couple immunotherapy forays to the hospital in the second phase of my treatment. Due to the challenges of Covid-19 on local hospital facilities in San Diego. my therapy sessions are now monthly instead of every other week. My latest CT scan, performed in late April, indicated that the miserable cancerous guest on my right kidney is stable and some of the nodules of renal cell carcinoma in my lungs have been reduced or eliminated. Maybe the cancer treatment I have recently endured will keep me alive a bit longer. All I know is I ain’t dead yet.

My beloved, tortured spouse, Peggy, has been engaging in heroic efforts to make my life less miserable. She is an amazing person; when not taking care of my miserable carcass she almost single-handedly emptied out our travel trailer and stowed the stuff here at the house, cleaned up the yard, planted a garden, did the taxes (although we have not seen our refund despite sending in the 1040 in February), acquired and used a lawn mower and additionally did most of the cooking and the laundry. I am amazed that I was clever enough to find such a superb partner, particularly when we selected each other when we were young and stupid.

Dana has been on extended leave from Starbucks in an effort to avoid bring coronavirus home to her immune-challenged dad. It may be that she allows the leave to run out without returning to work and will need to find another job in the bleak environment left over after the pandemic. Fortunately, due to dedicated thrift when we were younger, we have enough money to support the family for the foreseeable future without anybody being obliged to sacrifice their health to survive. Another added recent development for Dana is that the beaches are now reopened so she can bodysurf again. She was beginning to go postal without being able to get in the surf but now she can rip up the waves with reckless abandon.

Sam continues at school but all the college lectures are now remotely offered over the internet so he doesn’t have to drive to the campus for classes. We bought him a new car about 10 minutes before social distancing kicked in but, fortunately, the mileage will remain low for a while. However, on-line classes just are not the same as the real thing so Sam is really knuckling down to keep up with his physics, calculus and linear algebra demands. Fortunately, he is amply supported by his wonderful spouse, Kate, and seems to be doing just fine. Tragically for our waistlines, Kate is an extraordinary cook but we certainly do eat well.

The coronavirus continues to rage outside. The political administration in the US right now is guided by an egomaniac with thin skin who has elected to adhere to wacky conspiracy theories of the right wing instead of logic, contemporary medicine and science. The result has made the USA the world leader in infections and deaths through policies of inaction and tomfoolery. The birdbrain policies have resulted in 1.4 million people having been diagnosed with Covid-19 and deaths are approaching 100,000 since late March. Trump fans have been the first to bolt from reason under gradual reopening and are now out and about, hopefully infecting their similarly thinking compatriots. The dedicated leader and noisy numbskull has embarked on a strange procedure of eating hydroxychloroquine, an effective remedy for the bacterial infection malaria, to combat Covid-19, a virus unaffected by bacteriologic cures. Hopefully, the foolishly self-prescribed drugs will generate organ failure inside his disgusting body and we will be rid of the narcissistic megalomaniac before he kills us all.

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