April 23 Scary stuff

A month has passed since the last entry and there is little news to report. On the family front, there has been little change. I went over to the hospital a couple times to see my oncologist and start what was referred to as “maintenance” immunotherapy, an apparent second phase. It seems about the same as the first phase except the drugs are only $10K per visit instead of $100K and they can give them quicker because I get fewer doses. Peggy has settled into a role of puttering about outside the house, trimming overgrown plants and picking an abundant variety of weeds and grasses. Sam continues his college pursuits supported by Kate but classes are now delivered via the internet due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our daughter, Dana, has probably had the worst self-isolating effects of any of us because she was amply employed, single, a social butterfly and vehemently opposed to being cooped up with some college students and Social Security recipients. Her efforts to overcome her misery have been stunning.

After my primary phase of immunotherapy, Kaiser was supposed to call me with a time to report and get a CT scan. They definitely dropped the ball so, when I recently chatted with my oncologist, she said for me to call Kaiser and see if I couldn’t shake things loose. I will be going to the hospital tomorrow for a CT scan that will hopefully show remission but I anticipate results somewhat less wonderful. I am glad I have Kaiser Part C Medigap because the stuff they have been doing to me is pricey but my fraction has been very small. I think I’m only in a couple hundred dollars but treatment costs are about a half million.

Our glorious leader, His Malevolence Donald Trump was completely full of shit on every aspect of the coronavirus pandemic when he stated that the U.S. had nothing to worry about, the government was prepared for any eventuality, the virus will go away in the spring and malaria drugs will cure viral infections. The magnitude of His Flatulence’s lies are stunning. A month ago, there were 43,500 cases of Covid-19 and 540 deaths in the U.S. Primarily due to Trump’s bungling and complete disregard of science at the outset, there are now 875,000 cases and nearly 50,000 deaths. His Royal Twit Don has fired all the scientists at the CDC, FEMA and associated entities and replaced them with wankers like Jared Kushner, son-in-law and business failure or chief-of-staff and crybaby, Mark Meadows. There remains no viable coronavirus diagnostic tests, ICUs nationwide are jammed with the dying, and it remains unknown if the asymptomatic can transmit the disease without knowing they are ill. Federal emergency supplies to bolster the hospitals were non-existent and King Trump established embargoes against countries that could help fill the materials gaps. It has been like living in a crazy dream where insane people have the controls of the aircraft and they only stop to pick up more lunatics and bullies. I fear a long decline until the plane dives into the tarmac. I started out the month mostly worried about cancer but a narcissistic megalomaniac has been running the show and the results during the last month have been absolutely dreadful with a quite grim outlook.

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