October 23 Another day in Lemon Cove

This morning we found out that the park’s maintenance guy doesn’t merely drag the park’s clanking, screeching and scraping Gannon around (see yesterday’s post) on days when it might be necessary. He does it every day, including today. As far as I can tell, the park looks identical before and after. However, we did find out that the folks we suspected of making the loud bass thumping noises a couple nights ago and who had departed were not the culprits. The culprit was Mr. Gannon Dragger who dismounted and came over to apologize for making the obnoxious racket right before he blamed it on his “old lady” who was allegedly cleaning. He suggested he didn’t hear it until after dark. I did not ask for more information.

Today our sole venture from the trailer was a short spin into Lemon Cove to top up the diesel tank and ogle some very nice old wooden houses near the only store in town. That gave us ample time to sit in the shade outside and enjoy the surrounding scenery and to misidentify the numerous songbirds that live in the park’s trees. There are a lot of Western Bluebirds, we think.

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