October 22 Around Lemon Cove

Since we are on what we consider as the fast track through California, we like to lay low for a day or two between travel days to recuperate. Yesterday we were on the road for more than 5 hours, a long time for us elderly types to be doing combat with young drivers recklessly operating faster vehicles, wild-eyed careeners, thoughtless lane changers, urgent quests to find restrooms and cops.

And after last night’s bass and thump serenade lasting well past dark, we spotted what we thought were the noisy types leaving this morning and taking their obnoxious music with them. Unfortunately, a park employee arrived this morning with a tractor equipped with a Gannon drag-behind tool well known on construction sites as an ample noisemaker. The employee dragged this appliance around for quite a while, making sure nobody wanted to remain in what was previously a very quiet park.

So today we tried to avoid the obnoxious racket and did a bit of driving, over to the town of Woodlake where we filled up Charlotte’s ample fuel tank with $91 worth of diesel. We believe that is the most we have ever been required to pay since 2014, when we started this adventure. California’s fuel prices are truly frightening. Less than 14 days ago we were getting diesel for less than $3 in rural Oregon while here in the Golden State we have found only very few places with fuel costs less than $4/gallon and that’s for biodiesel, which is not recommended by Ford in their diesel engines. In Woodlake we turned up CA-245 (the northern ¾ being possibly the most serpentine road in America) for a ways before returning to Woodlake where we rewarded ourselves with some drive-in ice cream.

That’s about it. We went back to our trailer and turned on the air conditioning and poured out some cocktails. The irritant with the Gannon had quit by the time we returned but it was difficult to discern if he did any good. The place looks exactly the same as when we arrived yesterday although it is much quieter.

We took some pix of the Lemon Cove area highlights. Click the link. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bSVWzfqiPSxe3mhq6

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