October 4 Bend TT

The weather, which was too rainy when we were further north, has changed. There is no rain but the outside temperatures are lower than we expected. It has been below freezing at night, which is about 35 degrees cooler than we like it. The skies have been brilliantly clear. It was 28 degrees.

Today our propane regulator, which feeds our furnace and automatically switches from an empty tank to a full one, went haywire. It was timely, however. It did not fail when it was really cold early this morning, choosing to take a dump in the early dawn light. We lit up our cell phones and found a RV parts house that was open on Saturday less than 25 miles away, in Bend.

About $60 later, we returned with the new regulator and installed it. Strangely, it worked right off and we were pleasantly surprised and completely astonished. We can now do nice stuff like running our furnace, heating water, cooking our food and, when we are not hooked up to shore power, keeping our refrigerator and freezer cold. I’m glad it wasn’t Sunday, when RV stores are almost universally closed.

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