October 3 Into Bend

Bend is not more than about 15 miles from our campground. We hung out in our trailer until it got above freezing and nearly freezing before darting from the trailer to the truck for a spin up to Jake’s, a great Bend institution that serves breakfast and lunch. Their chicken fried steak is both enormous and tasty and Peggy likes eating there, too. Peggy ended up bringing some of her ample breakfast home in a box, unable to eat the generous portions at one sitting.

We (Peggy) also went grocery shopping with the intent of acquiring enough food to feed a big clan of relatives that are also going to be in Bend this weekend. Based on the volume of the groceries we packed into our trailer, I believe she succeeded.

It is still pretty cold except when you can find a spot in the direct sun with no breeze. Everywhere else is a bit bracing. It is inconvenient because my T-shirts and shorts do a poor job of keeping my arms and legs warm. Peggy wears multiple pairs of pants, layered shirts, wooly sweaters and coats, all at the same time, so she may be happier in the outdoors here.

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