September 4 Sequim to Chehalis

Today was another travel day. We packed up all our camping stuff, hooked up the trailer and pulled out of the Diamond Point RV Park near Sequim. I didn’t regret leaving – for some reason, maybe the sardine can proximity of campers, I was not thrilled with this RV park although they had good utility hookups, cable TV and good satellite reception. They also had RV spaces that I found quite challenging to back into, souring me on the facility.

We quickly got back on US-101, this time going south for the first time in a long while. Instead of crossing Puget Sound and driving down I-5, we elected to stay on the Olympic Peninsula for our southbound travel. Using this route, we were able to completely avoid the hellish traffic nightmare that is Seattle. 101 south on the Peninsula is a gorgeous but curvy road with very few straight sections longer than about 200 yards. We also noted the paving surface was quite bumpy and not even close to being planar. We stopped for a restroom break near the south end of the Hood Canal and found that some drawers and items in the trailer had been tossed around during the trip. Nothing broke so we were good to continue.

After the stop, we headed southeast toward the interstate, emerging from rural America at the capital city of Olympia which we skirted before getting on I-5 south. From there it was about a 45 minute drive to the city of Chehalis, where we left the freeway and headed toward Mount St. Helens and the Chehalis Thousand Trails.

We had to wait a bit at the entry booth but the poor grunt that operates the facility finally showed up and soon we were roaming the campground, looking for that good RV spot. We eventually found one at the top of the hill with great satellite antenna reception but no sewer and no WiFi. We will contact the honey wagon operator tomorrow so we don’t have to pull out the trailer out to dump the tanks in a few days. The WiFi we can access in the facility activity center a short drive down the gravel road from our site. The TV reception is superb. We may have found one of the very few sites with an unobscured view to the south, a requirement for satellite antenna operation. Strangely, it is only two spots away from a site we stayed in back in 2017.

Now that everybody’s kids are back in school, it is much easier to find a variety of nice RV spots. Maybe we should go to year-round schools in the U.S.

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