September 3 Port Townsend

We took a spin into the city of Port Townsend today. We passed through it quickly a few days ago when we arrived on the ferry from Coupeville on Whidbey Island but decided it looked quite interesting so we made a return trip.

Port Townsend was a massive shipping, wood products and boat building city in the past. Now the mills and most of the ships are gone but the town is still gorgeous. The town sports a terrific variety of old wooden houses that have been meticulously maintained, stunning downtown masonry structures and a long waterfront area with boats of all kinds both in the water and hauled out on land. Big, multi-masted sailing ships were being spiffied up by crews of yacht yard gorillas sanding and grinding and painting. We spotted a lighting and antiques store where the owner proudly displays the movie producers and movies that have used his gorgeous vintage lighting fixtures and household hardware in their pictures. There was a big list.

After quite a bit of cruising around, Peg and I decided we needed a reward for our efforts so we pulled into the Port Townsend Brewery where Peg had a flight and I ordered a pint of porter. The bar was nice and cozy and the beer was good but no match for Deschutes Black Butte Porter from Bend, OR. I guess I’m spoiled.

We got some pix. Click the link.

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