July 21 Around the park

Sometimes, particularly when poor planning has occurred, things do not go well. We had vaguely scheduled a trip to the local wifi hotspot and a side excursion to see the local elk herd and maybe a quick stint at the laundry.
Due to a car show in Lyman and an airplane show in Concrete this weekend, our campground and all the other local flat spots capable of holding an RV are filled with a terrific assortment of spendy recreational vehicles. The downside to this situation was that there were no washing machines available for us to use. The laundry portion of today’s activities was in tatters.
We happily pulled away from the Grandy Creek laundry facility and decided to go spot some elk in the pasture up the road. We exited the campground, turned east on WA-20 and, after about 2 miles, swerved into the elk viewing zone. There were no elk to be seen anywhere. Our poor planning was rearing its ugly head. Since there is good data reception at the wildlife viewing parking area, we tried to make some reservations at RV parks ahead of us but that also was a miserable failure. Fortunately, we got to fail in a location with staggeringly beautiful scenery and failure ain’t too bad when it occurs there.
We wandered around on the local roads for a bit before returning to Grandy Creek TT and found, surprisingly, that there were a sufficient number of washers available at the laundry shed and Peggy immediately seized them. Peggy hung around the laundry while processing our clothes. Maybe she is concerned someone will steal her duds. I am unconcerned about that threat because my clothes are abnormally large and mostly ugly and virtually anyone stealing them will be disappointed with their efforts.
From the laundry I strolled over to the campground family center/pool/store/shower building and latched onto the camp wifi system and loaded many pithy blog entries onto this blog thingy. Astute readers can plainly see that I like to use accurate technology terms whenever demonstrating my prowess of interweb smartypants stuff.
We decided we had done enough planning for one day and went back to our Barbarian Invader for drinks.

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