July 20 More Lower Skagit Valley

We have become so entranced by the Skagit River area that we broke our “no backtracking” rule and took another ride down the south bank of the Skagit River from Concrete to Sedro Woolley and back.
South Skagit River Highway is a two-lane blacktop road with nearly continuous views of the emerald river. Many heavily shaded creeks pass under the road. Long sections of road pass under hardwood canopies that make the automatic headlight gizmo function. There are gorgeous homes sprinkled along the way. It is a spectacular section of highway.
Once we got to Sedro Woolley, we had a fit of responsibility and washed the truck. It gets worse; we also loaded up on diesel. Our miserable tasks for the day completed, we were free to continue fooling around so we stopped for a bit of wildlife watching. Today we spotted a family of foxes, a herd of more than 30 elk and not less than four bald eagles. As we wandered east toward Concrete, we drove past the residence of a log truck driver who had two winged sprint cars, one in the garage and one in the trailer. Peggy and I were invited into the garage where Bud Ash and Bud Ash, Jr. told us all we wanted to know about sprint cars and the insane folks who drive them. We realized we had seen at least one of the Buds in the big sprint car get-together a few weeks ago at Skagit Speedway. There is racing this weekend at the Speedway. We’ll be going.
We also stopped by the Concrete airfield because this weekend there is supposed to be a “fly-in” for folks with vintage planes. There were a few very nice examples arranged in the hangar areas but not much else could be spotted because the event actually kicks off tomorrow. We may be going back over to the airfield if we see the sky fill up with biplanes.
We got some pictures along the way. To see them, click here

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