January 21 Austin I

We have finished our necessary re-stocking of supplies and, therefore, we had the day to spend with Trevor and Gina who are cronies of ours from San Diego. They were nice enough to guide us through the highway hell that is Austin. We are thoroughly confused about how the roads and highways are configured here and were delighted to have some instruction.
We picked our friends up at their apartment and asked them to take us to a restaurant. Unfortunately for me, they are vegans and finding a restaurant that caters to both eating styles in Austin is impossible. We started by going to the Bouldin Creek Cafe where they offer an assortment of meatless dishes, much to my chagrin. I ended up with eggs and hash browns cooked in something other than butter that were almost tasty. Peggy got a form of Eggs Benedict that had a slab of material called Satan or something to replace the normally quite tasty Canadian Bacon. Despite the served food consisting of little bits of various veggies and fruits, it does not stop the management from charging exorbitant prices for the parsimonious servings.
We made a stop at Austin’s Zilker Botanical Garden which is a nifty oasis in the midst of a huge metropolitan area. After a bit of wandering there, we all decided we were both thirsty and in need of a reward so we hopped into Charlotte and made our way across town to Austin Beerworks where they serve excellent porter and also allow dogs. Many very happy dogs were spotted and petted while malingering in the fine alfresco patio.
Our day was about done by the time we had enough porter so we dropped Trevor and Gina back at their apartment and blindly attempted to find our way back to Leander and stay off the toll roads that are ubiquitous here.
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