January 20 Shopping in Leander

Right close to the Leander KOA we were able to find some stores where we needed to go. We started out with fuel but soon followed up with a visit to Lowe’s (12 volt fluorescent lamp) and a stop at Costco (too much food to fit in the freezer). After one of Costco’s terrific polish dogs each, we moseyed outside the store where they have a separate, attached liquor store, not affiliated with Costco other than having a common wall. They do not sell Kirkland Irish Cream in this store, even though it is Costco’s brand. They sell Bailey’s for about $35 a handle but we found a nearby, dirtbag Irish Cream product called Blarney selling for $19. We got two.
Our route through Texas going through Austin is fortuitous because two former San Diego friends of ours, Gina and Trevor, have been living here for the last year because that’s where Trevor’s work took him. We barged into their neck of the woods hoping to have some time with them and, zowie!, they will be available for escorting the elderly around town tomorrow. I understand there is a place where a big cloud of bats erupts from under a bridge or a cave in the evenings and I would be delighted to see it for myself.

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