January 5, 2015

Drove by a couple of RV parks to see if we wanted to move but decided not to. There is an allegedly nice place north of Tucson (Catalina State Park) but we did not make it up there. Maybe next time.

We also went to the Tucson Visitors Bureau and got the poop on the local area. We also went to a post office near where we were camped to see if we could have our mail forwarded to us but the !*?!#!! assholes do not allow general delivery packages to be delivered to their office so we would have had to travel back to Tucson to get a facility where general delivery could occur. We will try UPS since it seems the USPS is not in the mail business any more.

Following our mail disappointment, we drove up to Saguaro National Park (east unit) for a 9 mile loop drive through the park. The varieties of cactus plants and the vistas are extraordinary. I suggest anybody coming by to take the loop even if the speed limit is 15 mph.

From the park we went to something called Colossal Cave about 10 miles SW of the east unit. Unfortunately, it is a privately-owned park where they charge $5 to get in but then charge $13 a head to see the cave. We deferred on the cave tour. My suggestion is to pass on this feature of Arizona.