January 7th, 2015

Drove back to the west unit to go to the Desert Museum. It cost us $20 a head because they asked if we were ancient enough or retired military or members or gimps but we were none of the above so we had to pay full price. Nevertheless, it is a spectacular museum with multiple outside pavilions with all kinds of critters like hummingbirds, regular birds, snakes, bugs, spiders, otters, a beaver, raptors and cats. They also have an extensive garden of both native and imported desert plants. Definitely worth the $20 but you need to either go early in the day or cover it in two days because it is extensive.

From the museum we went about 2 miles down the road to something called “Old Tucson” that seems to be a mix between an old west movie studio and an amusement park. We passed on this one.

From there we went home over Gates Pass Road again and it was just as pretty as yesterday.