March 25 2016 Around Florence

The weather was clear but cold so Peg and I hopped into the truck for a local spin. We wandered around on some Florence backstreets until we came to Rhododendron Drive which took us to the north bank of the Siuslaw River where it meets the ocean. Despite there being a substantial breakwater system, there were still some pretty big waves coming up the channel. No boats in sight.
After a bit we headed back toward Florence where we stopped at a giant Fred Meyer store for re-supply. The store sold almost everything but the prices were a gyp. Fred Meyer used to be cheap but now they ain’t. Skinny, bone-in New Yorks were $12 a pound which is a pretty big hop from Costco with thick, juicy, boneless New Yorks for about $8.
Peggy’s sister Kathy showed up at our campground at about the time we were finishing up at Fred the Crook’s so we all joined up at our trailer for some fat chewing. Around 8:00 PM she felt obliged to get her son’s truck back to him in Eugene so she skedaddled and we settled down inside for some Top Gear.
Our camp space is in a thick grove of trees that almost completely obscure the sun for all but about 2 hours a day. It is quite pretty here and almost tomb-like for noise.

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