March 22 2016 Possible final search for more stuff

Another day of taking Peggy to the pits for the division of stuff. Peggy did show me that she had received a couple of rings that her mom wore that Peg got as her share of the stuff. One was a wedding ring and another had some interesting stones and they looked like they may be valuable. Everything else she had acquired looked pretty suspect to me. I suspect the items are made from pot metal, plastic or paste stones, broken china or ordinary glass.
Peg did get a portion of some silver dinnerware which is pretty snazzy. I understand there was some Noritake china but I have no idea who got that. We certainly have no use for it with our current lifestyle.
The estate was intended to be split in such a way that the family male heirs were to get the successful corporation assets and the girls were to get the real property. Unfortunately, we found out today that the only valuable piece of real estate was confiscated by the boys along with all of her father’s firearms. I’m confused about how guns could be considered corporate assets when registered in an individual’s name. Many of the firearms had never been fired.
The end result of this division process ended up with the male heirs getting all the valuable assets and the girls taking out the garbage. I will ensure my children do not get their inheritance in this fashion.
I spent the day with Katie, Jeff, Amanda, Daisy and Ruby at Sunset Beach where we took Robin for a run. This park near where we were camped is a gorgeous round bay protected by tall cliffs. At low tide there are great tide pools here along with pristine ocean waters and spectacular scenery in every direction. There were even some extremely hardy Oregon children in the ocean despite the outside temperature in the high 40s. Robin loved it.

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