March 20 2016 More garbage sorting

Peggy had me drop her off at her brothers’ (formerly her folks’) business, Main Rock Products, where all five girls were again quorummed to divvy up many worthless items left after her mom passed away five years ago. I knew things were going to be uninteresting for me when I went into the fighting pit where the girls were engaged in their activity and I heard “There are two glass salt shakers here without lids. Who wants them?” I have a different technique when dealing with items of this type. I throw everything that is not made from silver, gold or gems into the dumpster and anybody who wants any of the valueless crap can dumpster dive for all the collectibles they can haul.
I bailed after about 3 minutes and drove back down to Coos Bay and stopped at my brother John’s widow’s house for a visit. I got to hob nob with Katie for a while. Amanda, her eldest daughter, and hubby, Jeff, were there with their two kids who were making a racket.
Also there were Zeus, the giant cat and Robin, the gorgeous dog. I’m glad Katie has Robin to keep her company now that my brother is gone. Robin is a golden lab with an absolutely wonderful temperament who loves to play tug-o-war and fetch and also seems perfectly content to sit alongside me to let me scratch her. I am tempted to kidnap Robin every time I get a bit of time to spend with her.
Peggy garbage sorting operation continued until late afternoon after which we got back together and went back to our Barbarian Invader at Bastendorff Beach.

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