November 3 Kiddos

Our son doesn’t have formal school on Sundays so we dropped in at our real house, where our kids live. Unfortunately, Sam has enrolled in courses that are quite challenging and he was still obliged to study for part of the time we were there. That was a perfectly acceptable condition because Kate, our favorite daughter-in-law, and Dana, our daughter and, of course, Lily the dog, were there and lively hobnobbing, ball fetching, clandestine dog treating and chit-chat ensued. Dana surfing crony, Neil, showed up for a bit and got in on the blathering before both of them went out to be disappointed by the flat surf.

We came back in the dark, partly on account of the recent geezer-confusing daylight time shift and poor scheduling. We try to avoid night driving when we can. Just a couple nights ago, an insane lunatic passed us on a short, narrow two-lane curved bridge while another car was about 30 feet away in the oncoming lame. Panic stops by both the normal drivers saved the idiot’s life although I’ll bet some poo came out.

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