November 1 Day of the Dead

We moseyed over to the Pio Pico entrance station to attempt another crossover into the South Pio Pico campground, across the highway from the not-as-spiffy North Side. The spaces are larger, there is more shade and there are sewer connections on the South Side so we were sitting in the shade outside the park entrance shortly before Jan and Lily, the two gatehouse ladies, announced that the daily distribution of available RV spaces was about to begin. Amazingly, we were #2 on the list, lucked out and received assignment to our preferred location. It was a miracle.

We drove into the South Side, posted the crossover chit on the space 44 electrical box and quickly shot back over to the now-icky North Side. There, we squeezed in the slide-outs, disconnected the water, picked up the stabilizers, disconnected and stowed the electrical umbilical, hitched up to the trailer, hooked up the trailer wiring and zipped over the anti-bad guy tiger teeth exiting the North, all in about ten minutes. That may be a record.

About 400 feet later, we pulled into the South Side and backed into our new location. It has full hookups, some rudimentary WiFi, excellent satellite TV reception and nobody but critters out the rear window. It is very quiet except when Homeland Security buzzes the campground with decidedly unstealthy helicopters or the guys come to dump the nearby dumpsters. The dumpster guys only come a couple times a week but there seems to be no end to the talent and fuel for the HSA choppers that are so noisy that they sound like they actually chop.

There is a park-wide change-over in progress between the old and hated StreamWiFi to Jabba, a provider we have had success with in the past. I hope the service isn’t too good or we’ll never get another space on the South Side without murderous looks from the unsuccessful.

Today is Dia de Los Muertos which, translated into English, is the Day After Halloween. Not really.

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