October 30 The Haircut

Today I lost some weight by visiting our neighbor and delightful barber, Tracy. I prefer Tracy for several reasons: I get a terrific haircut, I can burn a fatty while losing weight and cocktail service is available. We also get a pretty good rundown of stuff that occurred in the ‘hood during our year-long absence because Tracy keeps up on those events.

We have already posted our name to the “crossover” list at Pio Pico which will allow us to move from the “Pio Pico North” section with partial hookups to the “Pio Pico South” section for tomorrow. We shot across the 35 miles from Pio Pico North to our neighborhood where our real house is located today for the haircut, which turned out very well, before hopping right back into the truck for the return trip. Afternoon traffic is terrible after about 2:30 PM weekdays downtown San Diego but we were lucky and got through right before it turned to shit.

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