October 27 Menifee to Sweetwater Summit

Hooking up this morning, our initial concern was whether the trailer brakes were still working and, based on the display of the controller, they were. We happily departed Not Wilderness Nor Lakes TT in Menifee and continued south on I-15 toward San Diego County and our actual residence.

Traffic was pretty good all the way to our destination at Sweetwater Summit County Park in the Bonita/Chula Vista area but, during a particularly hard braking episode to avoid a veering driver, I noted the trailer brake controller was still acting fishy and I will need to fiddle with it further before we can count on it.

Sweetwater Summit is a very well-maintained facility with spacious RV spaces, full hookups, lots of birds, bunnies and coyotes plus gorgeous daytime and nighttime views to the west. We pulled into space 124, completing our big tour for 2019. This year we didn’t put in as many miles as some other years. We only went 10,000 miles since April, a record low. The trip was still fantastic.

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