October 25 Soledad TT

We anticipate more driving again tomorrow so the plan today was to hang out near the trailer and rest. Tomorrow’s drive will take us up another pass and then crossing the metropolitan hell of the Riverside area initially on poorly-constructed desert pothole demonstration lanes transitioning onto freeways that have been under construction since before I started shaving and overpopulated with lunatics, talentless unlicensed operators and uninsured motorists.

The Tick Fire, west of us and mentioned in yesterday’s post, only gained another 900 acres overnight. The Santa Ana winds have been fierce and I imagine the firefighters over in the 95 degree temperatures are becoming fatigued. The local TV stations have helicopters over the fire and it looks a lot better today than it did yesterday. This afternoon the winds dropped down below about 25 mph which should make the folks hunkered down west of us happy.

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