October 11 Chores in Yreka

Today was not exciting for us wanderers. The laundry had stacked up some and the waste tanks were full and the on-board water tank was empty. Since last night was another chilly one, we waited to address our miserable but necessary chores until the outside temperatures went above 50.

Peggy generously took all the dirty clothes to the site laundry and made them undirty. I did a dookie dump and filled up the on-board water tank. I am such a feeble old geezer that things that back in the old days I could whip out in minutes now require substantially more time to avoid clumsy falls, gruesome head wounds from not looking where I am going and bloody scrapes and jabs from being unobservant or finding new, previously unknown trailer sharp spots. Nevertheless, I am quite reluctant to give up this lifestyle because a moderate amount of gimpy stride and blood loss are no match for the wonders out on the road.

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