October 9 Sluggish in Yreka

Today we were quite sluggish. I took the outdoor portion of our water system and used it to fill the on-board water tanks and then drained all the outside gear, folded it up and put it in one of our on-board, heated storage compartments because it is supposed to be around 20 degrees tonight. Having our exterior hoses, regulators and filters break in frigid temperatures is disappointing and bad. We have tricked the weather and removed our fragile gear from exposure to below-freezing environments and into cozy warmth, at least until nighttime temperatures go back to being reasonable.

Peggy made us a spiffy Caesar salad today and is roasting vegetables for tonight’s meal. It smells terrific in our traveling home. We spent part of the rest of the day watching news programs so we can watch Trump squirm, tweet and weasel about. It would be quite comical if it wasn’t so repugnant. Maybe he’ll do the right thing and be gone.

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