September 6 Chores

We were pretty dull again today. The weather turned ugly and rained last night. There was plenty of thunder and lightning. We figured we might as well do stuff that didn’t require good weather.

Peggy was very sweet and took all our clothes over to the laundry and made them unstinky. I changed out our shower head. In our shower, which for a big bozo like me is like standing in a coffin, we had a very lightweight but disappointing hand wand type showerhead that would emit water but not completely shut off when commanded. The result was, for some unknown reason, when the shower head valve was re-opened by some soapy bather the first water out was scalding hot. This could be annoying when the water was directed at certain spots. Turning the old shower head on and off also required superhuman strength or voodoo to make it operate.

A couple months ago, we picked up a new, improved shower head assembly when bumbling about in a Camping World store in Mount Vernon. We knew we would be replacing our former, miserable shower head soon but experience has taught us to never do any plumbing on an RV unless within 25 miles of an open Home Depot or other suitable hardware joint. Almost without fail, anything will go wrong and one or more trips to the Home Depot will be required before the plumbing repair is watertight.

However, today’s plumbing work went off without a hitch or a leak. It was almost like someone else, like a plumber, did the work, Nobody is more delightfully surprised than us.

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