August 29 Hanging around home

We did some minor maintenance and travel prep today. I cleaned our barbecue. It was messy but necessary. It is our last full day here in Concrete and we both are reluctant to leave. We have had good weather most of the time, puppy dogs galore during our 13 day stay, great scenery and superb, reasonably-priced food at Skagit Burger, Annie’s Pizza Station and the Birdsview Diner. It is hard to be disappointed here.

We went over for a bit to hang out with Don and Mary, our neighbors. They are a lovely couple from Stanwood, WA, and, as a bonus, have a beautiful 9-week old Bernese puppy named Bunsen that is already bigger than a breadbox. They may want to set up a foundation now to pay for his food later because he is going to be a monster. On the other side of us is a guy with a 12-week old Doberman pup who has no difficulty entertaining himself with a bath towel he can maul. It is puppy heaven for us, particularly because our dog is elsewhere.

If I did it right, there is a picture of Bunsen, the neighbor puppy. Click the link.

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