July 30 Loafers

Today was another day of leisure. Peggy walked into La Conner to check out all the touristy shops and antique stores. I dumped the waste tanks.

We both tried to make my ancient Kindle share books with Peggy’s but found ourselves lacking because we were completely unsuccessful. We need some third graders to get this stuff squared away for us.

1 thought on “July 30 Loafers

  1. I read your last few postings. Skagit land eh? I’m stove up with a big toe surgery recovery. It was striving to bend in with vigorous arthritic bone growth as a bunion resulting in a hammer toe of the second digit. So I had an operation 2 Fridays back and am incapacitated for the near future. Stitches out in one week, then a hard cast for a few weeks. Cancelled the archery Elk trip to Oregon in Sept. damnit. I will be going to Cabo 2 weeks with Karen. And New Zealand next February. If you are heading north you can stay at our home Feb 22 to March 22. I can find a place to store the Invader.

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