June 23 Fancy Gap to Buchanan

Today was a travel day. We left the cute Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground and headed northeast. Fancy Gap Campground was pretty nice with full hookups, wifi, good scenery and great satellite reception. Unfortunately, the RV spots are pretty tight and can be challenging to back into, particularly by the backing handicapped, like me. The ground is steep near the RV spaces and many a spare tire dragged in the gravel as some folks departed.
The drive to our next destination was fairly mundane because we used the Interstate system for almost the whole trip. We took I-77 to I-81, exiting the freeway near the town of Buchanan. We then took some skinny back roads to Middle Creek Campground. It was a nice drive but an abundance of the trees shading the roads we took haven’t been trimmed in a while and we did a lot of dodging of low overhanging limbs and roadside brush. We put a new downspout on the trailer’s rear right corner at Fancy Gap and we were hoping it would remain in place for more than one day.
When we finally got to Middle Creek, we were only moderately disappointed. We were assigned a space that was only partially occupied by a dentally-challenged hillbilly and his spherical date and, although the camp staff directed the shit kicker to move his stuff into one space, they didn’t hang around to see if he would comply. When I attempted to communicate with the idiot, he became argumentative and it was easier for us to just let him encroach into our space. It rained cats and dogs later in the day and I hope he and his hideous mate spent a nice, wet evening in his tent. There are no sewer hookups at the sites and the dump station is inaccessible for everyone except circus contortionists.
The camp staff doesn’t do much of a job maintaining order here. There are loud dirt bikes doing wheelies on the road in front of our space. Nobody conforms to the 5 mph park speed limit, choosing to do about 30 instead. I hope nobody gets squished. The quiet hours of 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM are anything but quiet with strange noises being heard throughout the night.

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