June 20 Back on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Huzzah! Today we returned to the Blue Ridge Parkway for some exploration in Virginia. We both enjoy the great views and nice drive available on this great highway. It seems to be my favorite road to drive in America.
We pretty effectively covered the North Carolina portion of the Parkway when we passed through this part of the world in 2015. This time, it is our intent to finish up the Virginia portion when we get to the Shenandoah Valley in a week or two.
Our first foray was to initially travel a bit south until we got to the North Carolina border where we turned around and started north. Before we were done today, we had traveled as far north as a place called Smart View. We passed a grist mill at Mabree’s Mill which apparently does something with grist. I am not really sure what grist is but if I stop at the mill I can probably find out.
As hoped, the road is great to drive since the maximum speed limit is 45 mph and the scenery alongside the road is breathtaking. We spotted bluebirds and turkeys, deer and butterflies in abundance. The roadside flowers are showing a riot of color. The views from the frequent overlooks into North Carolina are magnificent. Views into Virginia ain’t bad, either.
We turned around at Smart View which is at about milepost 155. We are camped at milepost 202 so, including our little southbound portion, we covered about 120 miles today, all of it spectacular. This great road is truly an American treasure.
We got a few pictures. Click here

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