June 18 Lenoir and Green Mountain Park

We spent today recuperating from the last 12 days of being with other adults and having to be nice. In my dotage, I have found that I am actually quite a prick when presented with anything different than my daily rituals like Irish Cream in my morning coffee, dissing or ignoring anyone else’s concepts other than those of my beloved spouse, going wherever I want on my schedule, not doing anything anybody else wants me to do (other than Peggy), being close to restrooms almost all the time and having my comfortable chair in which I recline. I have really turned into an anti-social butthead but I don’t particularly care. Crotchety is my middle name when outsiders present me with anything new or different. I am bad. I have many character flaws and personality disorders which suit me fine.
Our agenda for today is to dump the waste tanks, take the garbage from the trailer to the dumpster and to drive into town to get fuel so we can continue our explorations tomorrow. Ambitious, eh?

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