June 14 Out to the lake house

Today Gary and D’Ann took us to a small lake house they have recently purchased near a body of water called Lake Secession. They now own a nice little structure on the lake shore and, to make things better, they also have a nice dock right in front of the house where their pontoon boat is parked. Fortunately for us western types that are unaccustomed to frying temperatures and almost aquatic humidity, the lake house has an ample air conditioning system, keeping us from shriveling up like a scab on a barbecue. It also has a great porch overlooking the lake. Tough life, this.
On the way back to Greer from the lake, we stopped in a town named Anderson where we dined in a place called J Peters which served up great food. I can attest to the fact they serve great shrimp and I didn’t hear any complaints from anybody else. After filling up, we headed back to Greer where we were introduced to a serial called Justified on the internet. It is about a Federal Marshal in Kentucky and the folks portrayed in the show remind us a lot of the folks in this part of America.
Some photos of the area can be seen by clicking here

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