March 10 Getting older

Our typical strategy for dining on the road is to never go to the same restaurant in any locale more than once but, like any unreasonable policy, we violated that concept by eating at Schobel’s in Columbus for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. We are naughty. Again, the breakfast was terrific and the cost quite reasonable.
Since today is my birthday (a big 164 years!), I got to choose the day’s activities and selected going exploring. We decided to go west from Columbus today, taking old US-90 to the adjacent town of Weimar. There’s lots of German and other northern European families living in that area. The houses are quite orderly, the churches are well maintained and the graveyards are full of stones with funny names engraved on them. Once in Weimar, we went into random exploration mode or dead reckoning to discover the countryside, sometimes on dirt roads. There are more magnificent churches and houses throughout this area, along with bizarre Texas signage and Americana.
We spotted a warning sign assembly that has a series of bells that over-height trucks will ring if they are too tall to pass under the next bridge. We found a recycled cop car with flames painted on it. We found a turkey sculpture made from a tractor seat, yard implements and some chains and shackles. There are animals everywhere.
The bad part about today was that it marks the first day I need to start signing up for Medicare because we understand it takes a full year for the geniuses at the Social Security administration to process the application. They must be whirlwinds.
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