November 9 Back in the ‘hood

It is nice to be back in our own neighborhood but our duties while here are looming. Our truck needs to go in for brakes and battery issues. The trailer will have to go into a shop for bearing repacks, brake checks and a slightly wonky terlet. We are old and need to go to our doctors for old people stuff.
Relatives and friends need to be visited. We need to scope out the atlas to lay out our next trip around this magnificent country. Our vehicle registrations need to be renewed. We need to smog the truck. Once all this stuff is done, we will sod off on our 2018 excursion.
I hope nothing expensive is wrong with our truck, trailer, toilet, bodies, relatives, friends, vehicle registration, emission controls or brains.
We have been very lucky with our RV space here. There are lots of amazing birds, some of which are not so quick that our old, myopic vision systems can see them. We even identified some varieties that supposedly don’t live in this area. Maybe they are lost.
We have very colorful birds all around us. To see some, click here

1 thought on “November 9 Back in the ‘hood

  1. Welcome back to the hood. Hope there’s time for a visit or if you need a ride to/from your many fix-ups let us know if we can help.

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