September 4 Still trying the gas chamber

The temperature came down today into the high 80s but the smoke remains unabated. The air available for breathing here in Remote is very shaky and we kept ourselves mostly inside the trailer, choosing to waste time indoors in the air conditioned air without the gas chamber-like effects of breathing outdoors. For most of the day, the sun was obscured by the almost-opaque layer of yuck above us. Drawing a voluminous lung full of the outside air results and moderate coughing and a subsequently irritated airway. The Weather Underground app we have indicated the air as “very unhealthy.” We pity the fire fighters. TGFA/C.
Fortunately, Sundance TV had a M*A*S*H marathon for Labor Day and we were witness to many episodes we have seen before, choosing reruns over asphyxiation. I also held my breath and went outside to dump the tanks but I kept it short. We will head for the coast tomorrow so we can maybe go outside and find a suitable environment for humans or a “Class M” planet as they called it on Star Trek. I know I’m old but that doesn’t mean I want to tempt fate by filtering out the sludge in the air for others. I’m greedy that way.

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