July 29 South Whidbey

We got up this morning and enjoyed breakfast and coffee with Devon and Dana. About midday, they took off to go back across the ferry to Mukilteo so we were free to fool around. I started my fooling around by watching a NASCAR race but when it ended, we hopped into the truck for a spin around the south end of Whidbey Island.
We drove down the west side of the island first, passing through the little towns or neighborhoods called Maxwelton and Sandy Hook. It is unfortunate that some forward-thinking individual or entity did not provide virtually any public access to their beaches, coves or bluffs overlooking the ocean or toward the Cascades. It is very difficult to find a place where even a picture can be taken of anything other than the three-story fronts of massive beach houses blocking all views of the ocean or the mountains. We did find one spot in Sandy Hook where we could see the Olympic Mountains across the Sound on the Olympic Peninsula. A bit further down we found a dead-end road leading between private residences that had a view toward the Cascades, Mount Baker and Mount Rainier down by Seattle. There was no parking. There are many fabulous views from Whidbey Island but almost all of them are private. Regular folks can just FO.
I’m not sure where the name “Whidbey” comes from but it sounds like the name of a rich British twit. Maybe he was the one who deleted all public access to nature in this area.
Despite the lack of public access to the beautiful resources in Washington, we did find a location where we could see west to the Olympics and east toward Rainier. To see ’em, click here

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