July 25 Dreaded shopping

Every so often we are obliged to take a break from unfettered fooling around and find ourselves forced to engage in productive pursuits. We tried to ignore our chores but by midday we were feeling remotely guilty and we took off for more populated areas to do some dreaded shopping.
First we drove the 30 miles or so to Bow where we stopped in at the Skagit Casino tobacco outlet for some products for me. The Native Americans seem to have absolutely fabulous prices for tobacco products, maybe because the sovereign nation ignores pesky rules and taxes the rest of us palefaces typically encounter in regular outlets located on the land we stole.
The next item on the schedule was Camping World. We returned and bought another water pressure regulator for our trailer. This is the third regulator in 2 months that we have acquired and returned to Camping World because the devices crap out very quickly after installation. The regulators themselves may function but the gauges on them go screwy such that it is impossible to determine if they are doing what is advertised. It may be because the devices are cleverly packaged, completely of brass construction and made by slaves in China that have no inkling of what the things are that they are assembling. To them, they could be speedometers or meat slicers or electrically unsafe power tools.
Having the almost sloth-like staff at Camping World complete our simple exchange in about a half hour, we departed for Home Depot in Burlington where we picked up some window operator parts for the Barbarian’s spacious restroom’s window. The old operator in the window was made in China and it had failed, of course. I estimate the window operator can be changed out in about 20 minutes so we should have the replacement process completed in less than 5 hours.
Next we went to the Burlington WalMart where we stocked up on groceries, RV supplies and a small pyramid of RV toilet paper that was dirt cheap. This toilet paper is also probably made in China because it comes apart as soon as it gets damp. Good for the waste tank, bad for the manicure.
After WalMart our rear seat was completely plugged with expensive loot so we started on the way back up the Skagit River but remembered that Julie, my sister, has introduced us to the concept of giving ourselves a reward even if we have not done anything substantial. We decided to reward ourselves with another trip to Skagit Burgers in Sedro Woolley. We ate there last Saturday night and the burgers were exceptional. They were just as good today. This tiny joint that looks like a cross between a caboose and a tug boat serves what may be the best burgers we will ever get. Their burgers don’t look like they are enormous but we find ourselves being seduced by their savory flavors and ingredients and being stuffed full at the conclusion of our dining. The burgers ain’t cheap ($8-$10) but you get what you pay for here – excellent fare. I ogled and almost stole Peggy’s remaining scrap of blue cheese burger after I had slam-dunked my Skagit Western heart plug.
We finally got back on the road and continued the trip up the Skagit to our RV spot alongside Grandy Creek in Concrete. Only a short stop for diesel and a detour around some traffic-stopping WDOT nonsense later, we wheeled into our campground and started the trailer re-stocking operation. I re-installed another soon-to-be failed water regulator but begged off on the window operator until I have 5 free hours to engage in my clumsy replacement efforts. I can hardly wait.

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