November 16 2016 Trying out old skills

For the last two days we were relaxing around our campsite. It was great. Today, however, we invited our son and his fiance over to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. I think there may be more than one “Original” pancake house and I am uncertain which one really is the original. The establishment on Convoy Street in San Diego serves a great breakfast with pancakes.
After breakfast, we drove to our former residence in San Diego where I was supposed to help Sam with an automotive issue. It turned out the issue required some welding skills from me that have been dormant for about 35 years. I was hoping that it would be like riding a bicycle; once you master it, you can always do it. It wasn’t
The welding involved joining some exhaust components by the oxyacetylene process. Although I was competent at this type of work back in the Pleistocene, the finished product in this age was quite ugly. At least there weren’t any holes. I am glad I am not looking for a welding job. Surprisingly, the welded parts did go back into the car without resorting to hammer fitting.

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