November 7 2016 More brake system fun

The Ford dealers in the Las Vegas area were opened this morning and not too long after they cracked their doors, they were speaking with me while I was on a quest to find a Ford stock replacement trailer controller. Unfortunately, these dealers apparently do not believe that their expensive factory controller can fail because the closest controller they could find was in Lake Havasu, over in Arizona.
Plan B was indicated. We drove over to an RV supply place called Johnny Walker’s and I purchased an aftermarket trailer brake controller and a possibly unneeded wiring harness. We followed up with a call to our current trailer wiring repair guy and had him schedule a visit to install the new controller tomorrow.
We were able to get the Las Vegas RV Resort to extend our reservation until the 19th but we’re not telling the mechanic. We told him already that we need brakes working by the day after tomorrow in an attempt to limit the duration of our prolonged repair services. I hope tomorrow’s work makes our problem go away. I am starting to get ready to prepare to be pissed off about this irritating issue.

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