November 5 2016 Waiting for the mechanic

Yesterday we got a message from Jim, the mechanic from Happy Hal’s Mobile RV Repair, that he would be stopping by today to attempt to fix our faulty trailer brake wiring. He was not real forthcoming on the arrival time but since there is a NASCAR Xfinity race that we could tune today, I really didn’t care.
The race was very nice, at least for me. Peggy was not nearly as impressed as I was. She is not a big stock car racing fan. The mechanic showed up around 3:00 and he started an electrical analysis of the truck. Soon, he found what he believed to be a trailer controller problem and I volunteered to go buy a Ford replacement controller. Unfortunately, by the time the mechanic figured out where the problem was, it was too late on Saturday to get any parts from Ford.
Things are getting weird. We currently have a reserved RV spot here at Las Vegas through this Wednesday and then we have to leave, brakes or not. If Jim is not able to fix this trailer issue by Tuesday, we may have to scramble a bit to figure out where we are going to go. Maybe I should get real grimy, find a street corner and craft a cardboard sign that says “Need 30 or 50 amp RV hookup with water and sewer. Willing to pay up to $40 a night.”

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